What I Use:

Here is my living room after one week out of five recording
The Dirty Fucking Rhondas Inc.'s first album, Supposedly Good, Surprisingly Bad.

I recently updated to Adobe Audtion CS3 from Cool Edit Pro 2,
for single track and multi-session recording using a Motu 8Pre and Crate CMX52.

I use Jeskola Buzz for a multitude of sequencing and sound generation.
As for hardware, I use a Korg Microkorg, Akai MPD24, Zoom MRT-3,
Yamaha PSR-293, Ace Tone Organ Model Top-1, and a plethora of 8bit
electronics that I have modded to fit into various sound input devices.

I was classically trained in Violin at the age of 11 to 14,
then picked up the guitar and at 18 began playing keys.

In addition to the above I play mandolin, soprano ukulele,
didgeridoo and various amounts of percussion instruments including drums.

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